Trump Doomsday Count

Everyone knows the desk in the oval office has a giant red button on it. One press instantly sends the United States' nuclear arsenal to wherever the president yells out. The button was installed in January of 1945. Incoming President Harry S. Truman noticed the button and had the following exchange with then Secretary of State, Edward Reilly Stettinius, Jr.:

What's this button for?

Oh, you'll see.

The button was first used on August 6th, 1945 by President Truman. The button has since passed down to 11 presidents, often with dubious results. On December 21st, 2003 it nearly destroyed Dallas when President George W. Bush mistakenly put his beer on it. On July 1st, 1996 it almost annihilated Romania when, according to rumor, Monica Lewinski mistakenly sat on it. We will soon hand down the button to a 12th president, also known as "The most dangerous man on earth!" [Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - July 19th, 2016]. This website serves to remind us of each precious day we remain alive under President Trump.

Days President Trump Hasn't Pushed The Button

Days Until President Trump Pushes The Button